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Discrete manufacturing is a complex business. Epicor has powerful solutions to help you solve your challenges...


Worldwide, thousands of companies manufacture the sophisticated machines used in all industries... in all industries...


Plastics and rubber manufacturers face an increasing demand for improved quality, efficiency, on-time delivery... quality improvement, efficiency, on-time delivery...


Manufacturing to order (MTO) operates in a dynamic landscape in which a number of trends are of trends...


Stay competitive by keeping pace with the rigorous pace of the electronics and high-tech industry. high-tech industry. Epicor Kinetic...


Epicor for Manufacturing gives you greater visibility into core business operations so you can eliminate... business so you can eliminate...

Discrete Manufacturing

Discrete manufacturing is a complex business. Epicor has powerful software solutions with the functionality to manage that complexity-available in the cloud, on premises or as a managed service.
  • Optimize lean manufacturing to focus on the key priorities to make smarter decisions, eliminate waste and increase customer satisfaction
  • Track, measure, and monitor your entire business, from shop floor to top floor and from raw materials to final product
  • Access and visualize critical information anytime or anywhere from any device
  • Improve production planning to eliminate bottlenecks and idle equipment
  • Reduce costs and streamline processes while you grow revenue and increase profits

Industrial Machinery

Thousands of companies worldwide manufacture the sophisticated machines used in agriculture, mining, construction, power generation and oil and gas production. A commitment to technical innovation is essential to continued leadership in a competitive global marketplace. Epicor has the software solutions to help manage complex engineering requirements, ensure production efficiency, and meet or exceed customer expectations while keeping costs low.
  • Support lean manufacturing and automate business processes to reduce waste in the enterprise, resulting in reduced labor and material costs
  • Satisfy customer requirements, control costs, and improve processes with a robust quality management system
  • Track detailed cost estimates and capture actual costs throughout the life of the contract or project for comparison against the estimated costs
  • Integrated Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), helps you control complex designs and specifications and minimize the impacts of engineering changes
  • Improve production management, review, and update production plan as demand changes across your multi-site and global operations

Rubber & Plastics

Plastics and Rubber manufacturers face increasing demands for improved quality, efficiency, on-time delivery, pricing, and cost control, as well as increased growth and demand of products across all markets. As a result, manufacturers are looking for better ways to manage raw materials, improve production efficiency, tighten delivery schedules, and increase profits. Epicor for Rubber and Plastics is a proven solution to help meet the unique challenges of manufacturing businesses that focus on injection molding, thermal forming, extrusion, and similar complex manufacturing capabilities.
  • Improve operational effectiveness with real-time actionable visibility into plant and business operations
  • Manage the design, prototype, and build of complex products to address new customer requirements
  • Reduce waste with stronger cost control and management of key cost elements
  • Maximize equipment effectiveness with real-time performance data and the ability to eliminate manual data collection
  • Improve bottom line results by ongoing management of your supply chains

Make-To-Order Manufacturing

Make-to-order (MTO) manufacturers operate in a dynamic landscape where a number of trends-new and old-are shaping the future. You need to keep pace with these changes and take advantage of them-or risk falling behind. In this eBook, we look at how an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution can help you:
  • Deliver a great customer experience
  • Operate as efficient as possible
  • Drive business growth and profitability

Electronics & High Tech

Stay competitive by matching the rigorous pace of the electronics and high tech industry. Kinetic software streamlines manufacturing processes, product schedules and inventory management with curated solutions that understand what's at stake.
  • Improve security, business continuity and collaboration
  • Manage complex bills of material including complete customer, supplier, and manufacturer part number cross reference

Fabricated Metals

Epicor for Manufacturing gives you greater visibility into core business operations, so you can eliminate redundant processes and centralize operational management. The modular design makes it easy to implement across marketing and sales, planning and production, sourcing, procurement, customer service, and finance.
  • Create more timely and accurate quotes
  • Optimize materials usage and reduce scrap
  • Use Lean Methodology and Demand Pull Systems to improve lead times


Our customers are the manufacturing companies that make, move and sell the things everyone needs. Our carefully selected productivity solutions for industry keep the world turning, even during the toughest of times. With Technology Coast Partners (TCP) you get Epicor's visionary technology and solutions implemented in your country with the support of a local/regional team of experienced professionals with dozens of Epicor Kinetic implementations in companies just like yours. With TCP you get world-class solutions built for your industry and delivered by a world-class team

Discrete manufacturing

Discrete manufacturing is a type of manufacturing process that involves the production of distinct and separate items or products. It differs from process manufacturing, which involves the production of continuous materials, such as chemical or food products.


R-DANIEL automatically understands your business. Its "master robot" analyzes years of enterprise sales and profit data and automatically builds, trains, runs and synchronizes the right scientific and predictive models. It then uses its "business relevance engine" to analyze millions of possible scenarios and select the best insights, forecasts and opportunities that will translate into better business performance. It publishes them in natural language, ready for use by managers, decision makers and business analysts.
R-DANIEL fuses 10+ years of experience in financial and operational big data analytics with the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning. He knows the difference between EBIDTA, gross profit and net profit and how to analyze price/volume/cost variations by product, customer/channel and geography/location.

Industrial Machinery

Build trusted customer relationships and drive profitability in the industrial machinery industry, where uncertainty is the only sure thing.


While plastic production continues to increase, manufacturers face price-sensitive customers, more competition, and ever-shrinking timelines for new products. Manufacturers must build flexibility in their systems for innovation, while efficiency remains a top priority.


Epicor helps make-to-order manufacturers with detailed estimation, quoting, planning, scheduling, and production monitoring so they can deliver high-quality, profitable products.


In the dynamic world of electronics and high tech, speed and agility reign supreme. With products evolving and changing by the moment and global contenders at every corner, you need an edge. Epicor Kinetic is not just another ERP platform, but your ally in achieving leaner, faster, and more profitable operations. Whether you're a subcontractor today or an OEM giant tomorrow, our solution can adapt seamlessly. Navigate short product lifespans with extended after-sales, and propel your enterprise to the front.


Price sensitivity, volatile raw material costs, shorter product lifecycles, and new competition are driving fabricated metals manufacturers to look for new ways to operate. With aging ERPs and manufacturing systems that weren't designed to handle many orders from one piece of material, it can be hard to drive improvement across the business.