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Powered by OpenAI, TCP's FLUENT platform brings innovation and digital transformation to mid-sized manufacturers in a way never thought possible. The platform is comprised of products and services that amplify ERP data for maximum strategic and financial impact, leveraging both the power of AI and TCP's decades of experience serving this niche market.

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Powered by OpenAI, Fluent's NLQ gives Epicor users the ability to query ERP data in natural language. This provides access to data-driven business insights that have traditionally required technical expertise to obtain and makes them easily shareable with key stakeholders.
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An ERP messaging solution that automatically sends invoices, credit memos, packaging lists and any BAQ report to a predefined distribution list as attachments. Send reminders to customers of pending or past due invoices. Send notifications to vendors when payments are processed. Trigger emails based on events occurring in your Epicor Kinetic database.
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WhatsApp BOT is a conversational user interface platform designed to allow remote teams simple, fast and secure access to your ERP data via WhatsApp. Unlock and extend the use of your ERP by allowing access to your data from anywhere, anytime via WhatsApp.
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Exchange rate automation is a web service that connects with central banks and other sources to obtain official exchange rates for currency conversion and updates the ERP daily.
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With the first integration as a service, no code, out of the box of world class ERP and CRM solutions for mid-market companies we offer the best integrated solution anchored in Epicor Kinetic and SugarCRM, a natural, seamless orchestration of the entire customer lifetime cycle in high definition, from lead generation to the shop floor and beyond.


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