What does TCP offer with Epicor Kinetic?

Epicor Kinetic Solutions

Epicor software's innovative technologies pave the way for organizations to optimize manufacturing processes and automate plant control.

  • Strengthen plant scheduling
  • Manage production resources
  • Integrated design with CAD tools
  • Dynamic engineering to adapt to each customer's requirements
  • Integrated product lifecycle management
  • Optimization of production management
  • Cost information aligned with the engineering and production process

Lean Manufacturing

Epicor Kinetic supports Lean Manufacturing and process automation to reduce waste in the enterprise, resulting in reduced labor and material costs.

Continuous improvement

Meet customer requirements, control costs and improve processes with a robust quality management system.

Cost control

Track detailed cost estimates. Capture of actual costs over the life of the contract or project to compare with cost estimates.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Integrated product lifecycle management (PLM) helps you control complex designs and specifications and minimize the impacts of engineering changes.

Production management

Optimizes production management, supports revisions and updates to the production plan as demand changes.

Resource Library


Industrial Machinery

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Transforming the plant floor

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The risk of ERP systems systems in manufacturing

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Advanced MES

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Benefits of implementing Epicor Kinetic with Technology Coast Partners

  • Detailed cost management of each production run
  • Integration of production planning and scheduling
  • Advanced programming to optimally meet customer requirements
  • The Quality Suite provides a comprehensive approach to automate processes in compliance with ISO/AS/TS standards.
  • MRP to manage the planning of purchases of a wide variety of inputs, adjust production as sales forecasts change, and fill raw material inventory shortages in advance
  • Improve your operational efficiency by relying on Kanban functionality
  • Meet your customers' changing requirements and improve lead times
  • Integrated end-to-end management of all business processes from the time of order to production and delivery


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