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TCP’s Apps and Technology Can be Game Changing for your ERP Systems


TCP has decades of experience in implementing ERP systems for manufacturing companies throughout Latin America.

Through this experience, they identified many missed opportunities for customers to leverage their ERP systems in different ways to drive higher ROI faster.

This is how they began to develop different apps that accompany the ERP and provide better support to their customers. The first was TCPBOT, which leverages the power of WhatsApp to connect almost all work teams with ERP data securely via WhatsApp. For example, delivery drivers can report that product has been delivered, sales teams can check inventory without needing to "log in" to the ERP, and invoices and purchase orders can even be sent directly via WhatsApp to Epicor ERP or SAP B1 with the push of a few buttons.

This is a game changer, as ERPs can be leveraged to the fullest extent and in ways never seen before.

After the successful launch and rollout of TCPBOT, TCP's engineering team began to identify other areas in which to make an impact.

TCP DocSend is an email automation service for Epicor ERP and SAP B1. With DocSend, documents such as invoices, credit notes, cash register receipts and packing lists will be automatically sent to a predefined distribution list.

With TCP XRConnect, customers can connect their ERP system directly to the country's central banks to automatically update exchange rates on a daily basis. This avoids the time-consuming and tedious task of manually updating exchange rates every day.

Customer Service as a Service is a key differentiator in today's business and a huge competitive advantage. The ability to use ERP to enhance the customer experience is just one of its many advantages.

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