Minneapolis, MN - Aleran Softwarethe global commerce platform for sales acceleration, announced today that it has partnered with TECHNOLOGY COAST PARTNERS, to bring the Aleran platform to Latin American markets for mid- to enterprise-sized manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors, leveraging TCP's deep experience and knowledge of both the region and technology integrations.

TCP, a Miami-based consultancy representing enterprise software solutions, has identified a need in the Latin American manufacturing sector to expand its leading digital transformation offerings to also include a fully integrated multi-channel sales acceleration and e-commerce platform. TCP specializes in bringing best-of-breed technology solutions to medium and large enterprises in Latin America that serve to foster stronger collaboration, greater business results and better overall business performance.

"TCP successfully accelerates digital transformation for our clients with best-in-class technology, delivered in a way that is always responsive to the specific requirements of Latin American markets and culture," said Ivan Rebolledo, Chief Revenue Officer at TCP. "At TCP, we have often seen organizations unintentionally limit their growth potential due to a lack of automation and innovation. With the addition of Aleran to our portfolio, Latin American manufacturers now have at their disposal an end-to-end integrated platform to manage all aspects of their business, from ERP transactions, to CRM relationships, to their customer-facing experience."

The need to integrate intelligent systems reflects a growing trend in the integration of operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT). Amid the need to accelerate both growth and digital transformation efforts, manufacturers are now taking a holistic view of what needs to be automated and digitized, including sales, while also reducing and integrating technology stacks to streamline operations and processes. "We are excited to show Latin American manufacturers how we can help accelerate and digitize their sales process to drive growth," said Alex Sayyah, CEO of Aleran Software. "Through TCP, manufacturers now have multiple new ways to bring the personalized B2B buying experience to their customers and eliminate manual processes to make sales easier and more efficient across all their sales channels."


About Aleran

Aleran Software is the first complete commerce platform for manufacturers. It helps them simplify, unify and drive sales online, offline and anywhere they sell. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, with worldwide sales operations, Aleran offers manufacturers the ability to sell easily, efficiently and cost-effectively through e-commerce and multiple channels, while streamlining the sales order management process through pricing and inventory management, digital sales catalogs and more. It has recently secured several new integrations, reinforcing its fundamental focus on seamless technology integration. You can learn more about Aleran at: http://www.aleran.com.

About TCP

Technology Coast Partners (TCP), is a Miami-based consulting firm that accelerates digital transformation for medium and large manufacturing and distribution companies. It also represents software solutions, including Epicor, offering sales, marketing, channel development and support services. The company also serves as an authorized value-added reseller, leveraging its strong ecosystem in the region, as well as the depth of its expertise to ensure high customer satisfaction and commercial success of its technology partners' products. For more information, visit WWW.TCPMIAMI.COM.


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