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With more than 25 years of experience in the enterprise solutions space Technology Coast Partners has a long track record as a visionary team helping Customers stay ahead of the curve.

With the first integration as a service, no code, out of the box of world class ERP and CRM solutions for mid-market companies we offer the best integrated solution anchored in Epicor Kinetic and SugarCRM, a natural, seamless orchestration of the entire customer lifetime cycle in high definition, from lead generation to the shop floor and beyond.

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Conoce el alcance de la integración (SPANISH)

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CRM buyer’s guide for CRM

Simply creating great products is no longer sufficient in today’s manufacturing environment...

Nucleus Research Value Matrix for CRM 2022

SugarCRM provides marketers and business users focused on collaboration between sales teams...

2022 CRM Impact Report

A primary challenge for many organizations is having an incomplete view of customer...

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USERS LOVE US Software users made their voices heard in the January 2022 Customer Relationship....

Red flags that signal is time to change your CRM

There are many vendors in the industry today who are able to cater to any business regardless of their ...

5 Reasons to reconsider your CX Approach

You understand the urgency of improving customer experience (CX) in your organization and that doing...

Epicor-Sugar Integraton Service Base Module

$ 2499
00 Year
  • Workflow-Epicor Customer to Sugar Accounts$499.00
  • Workflow-Epicor Contacts to Sugar Contacts$499.00
  • Workflow-Epicor Parts to Sugar Parts$499.00
  • Workflow-Epicor Quotes to Sugar Quotes$499.00
  • Workflow-Sugar Accounts to Epicor Customer$499.00
  • Workflow-Sugar Contacts to Epicor Contacts$499.00
  • Workflow-Sugar Opportunities to Epicor Sales Order$499.00
  • Workflow-Sugar Quote to Epicor Sales Order$499.00
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TCPBOT is a Conversational User Interface platform designed to allow remote teams simple, fast and secure access to your ERP data via WhatsApp...
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TCP XR Connect is an exchange rate automation web service that connects to central banks and other sources to obtain official exchange...
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DocSend is an email automation web services for EPICOR ERP. With DocSend documents such as Invoices, Credit Memos, Cash Receipts...