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TCP has been deploying best in class enterprise solutions for LATAM companies since the firm’s inception. Through our experience in hundreds of implementation projects and our results-oriented methodology we help companies not just implement software but deliver high performance business execution.


Application integration is the process of enabling independently designed applications to work together. Commonly required capabilities include: … Providing access to data and functionality through what appears to be a single user interface or application service. With TCP you will leverage the benefit of best of breed solutions such a CRM, ERP, HR, Asset Management and weave them into a seamlessly harmonized platform and user experience.

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Through world class deployment and seamless integration TCP customers are set to transform, expand and grow their business to meet their long-term vision. Technology becomes a catalyst for innovation, powered by our partner solutions or TCP´s own cloud services platforms such as the TCPBOT, XRConnect and DocSend.

TCP Innovation that transforms

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TCPBOT is a Conversational User Interface platform designed to allow remote teams simple, fast and secure access to your ERP data via WhatsApp. Unlock and expand the use of your ERP by accessing your data from anywhere and anytime via WhatsApp. Bring differentiated value to your customers by enabling your team and your customers to interact with your ERP data from anywhere in the world via WhatsApp. Maximize the ROI of your ERP investment.
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TCP XR Connect is an exchange rate automation web service that connects to central banks and other sources to obtain official exchange rates for currency conversion and updates your ERP daily. With XR Connect you increase your productivity by eliminating tedious manual updates and increase financial accuracy by avoiding human errors.
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DocSend is an email automation web services for EPICOR ERP. With DocSend documents such as Invoices, Credit Memos, Cash Receipts and Packing List will be emailed to a predefined distribution list automatically. Design your email templates and build distribution list for each document and customer.


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