E2OPEN Positioned as a Leader with the Highest Ability to Execute and Completeness of Vision in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant<br>for Multienterprise Supply Chain Business Networks Report <br><h3><span style="text-transform:uppercase; font-weight:bold;"><font color="#ffc208">Click to View Report</font></h3></span>
E2OPEN Positioned as a Leader with the Highest Ability to Execute and Completeness of Vision in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant
for Multienterprise Supply Chain Business Networks Report

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E2OPEN creates a more connected, intelligent supply chain. It starts with sensing and responding to real-time demand, supply and delivery constraints. Bringing together data from customers, distribution channels, suppliers, contract manufacturers and logistics partners, our collaborative and agile supply chain platform enables companies to use data in real time, with artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive smarter decisions. All this complex information is delivered in a single view that encompasses your demand, supply and logistics ecosystems.

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E2OPEN - Networked, Harmonized, Optimized, Live
E2OPEN - Networked, Harmonized, Optimized, Live

Harmony is the result of technical innovation anchored in extensive user-based research across industries and supply chain functions. Harmony spans disconnected business functions within an organization, allowing companies to collaborate from a single place in the cloud. With personalized dashboards, easy drilldowns and actionable workflows, Harmony has everything you need to manage your digital supply chain.

E2OPEN - Cómo comprar, vendor, hacer y planear en la era digital
E2OPEN - Cómo comprar, vendor, hacer y planear en la era digital

Con la confianza de mas de 1000 de las empresas mas grandes, complejas y avanzadas del mundo.
El más grande proveedor global 100% en la nube.
Tendencias de largo plazo hacia cadenas de abastecimiento digitales más ágiles y resilentes.
Una vision que se vuelve realidad con una plataforma única, abierta con una red multi-empresarial en su centro.

// Supply chain planning has become even more critical for success

Supply chain planning (SCP) vendors aim to provide a holistic view of an enterprise’s status and an actionable strategy to realize the enterprise’s goals.

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Identify and act upon opportunities to improve supply chain efficiency

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// Advance your Supply Chain Transformation

Making vision reality requires a unique,
open platform with a network at the core

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A digital transformation story in the Plastics sector



425 named users<br>
425 named users

Life date: 2012

Industry: Plastics<br>
Industry: Plastics

6 month implementation Project

Parent company of a group of 3<br>
Parent company of a group of 3

+ more than 80 machinery


Success Indicators

Annual average growth in sales.
Epicor ERP has supported this growth

$2.24 Million USD
$2.24 Million USD
Reduction of working capital after 7 years
thanks to better inventory management

improvement in customer response to rescheduling
thanks to the visibility of sales, inventory and production data

Improvement in OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
compared to efficiency previous to the implementation of Epicor ERP

Simex was born in Envigado, Colombia in 1969 founded by a German family focused in the plastics industry.

Simex mission is the planning and execution of development projects for new, specialized packaging for the cosmetics, fragrances, pharmaceutical and personal care industries.

Currently, Simex produces cosmetic packaging for world renowned brands such as Belcorp, Yanbal, Avon, Vigue and L’Oréal. The company’s cosmetics portfolio includes mascaras, eyeliners, lip gloss,  compact cases among others. Simex fragrances portfolio includes different bottles and containers;  and for the personal care industry Simex portfolio includes different containers, roll-on, jars and closures.

Simex provides integral plastic packaging solutions to its clients by integrating all processes from conception and technical design, to industrial scale production and supply, offering a “one-stop shop” solution to their customers.

Ready to grow

In 2011, the company decided to move forward with Epicor ERP. The implementation project took 6 months achieving the Go- live date in January 2012.

Some of the needs that led Simex to look for an ERP software was the absence of a centralized source of data, Simex used more than 17 “in house” applications at the time which meant handling different sources of data for decision making, double entry of sensible data and having to manage critical processes without data,  such as maintenance and quality.

// Simex

"The biggest change was standardization, which has allowed us to incorporate shared centers for administrative processes. Which has led as well to be more efficient in terms of costs and service times"

Emilia Clarke
Jaime Bedoya - IT and Communications Manager
“At the production level, changes have been incorporated in the capture of information from the processes, going from paper forms to electronic devices. We have reduced the use of paper in the plant significantly due to the new Epicor ERP system”

Reduction in inventory costs

Epicor ERP Inventory Management module manages the shipping and reception of materials, as well as advance purchase management. Thanks to this module, the three companies of the Simex Group: Simex, Soinco and Plastinovo were able to digitize inventory management and optimization per product type. One of the main benefits of this change was the release of working capital. Since the implementation of Epicor ERP (2012) until today, the company has obtained an ROI of USD 2,240,000. There are certain inventory lines where ROI is greater, almost a 20% of released working capital.

Improving the Customer Service experience

Thanks to the Advanced Production Planning module order fulfillment has significantly improved, and enabled more control over the orders based on customer requirements.

Timely data visibility such as sales data, inventory and manufacturing jobs has allowed response time to improve by a 60% in rescheduling.

Furthermore, today Simex has traceability of every rescheduled order, from the moment the complaint is generated until its resolution.

Visibility and Centralization of processes between Simex, Soinco and Plastinovo

Among the expected benefits at group level was the integration of all the areas and processes of the organization in a multi company environment. With Epicor they gained a friendly and intuitive platform that also connected seamlessly with their clients and suppliers different software, which sets the basis for the future of the business. 

Another of the many benefits of implementing Epicor ERP is that among its industry specific functionality, the plant  maintenance module helped  reduce costs by managing the scheduled maintenance and also the non planned maintenance activities integrated to the scheduling and overall production by naturally interacting with the shop floor module in Epicor. The use of dashboards dramatically reduced the use  of paper in these and many other activities.

“In terms of production levels, we have incorporated changes such as a data entry from processes moving from paper to electronic devices. In the production floor we have reduced the use of paper, now our staff seeks and view information in the system” Jaime Bedoya – IT and Communications Manager

As a group Simex has improved their annual sales growth by 15%. Apart from achieving the initial goal of standardizing processes and gaining visibility of data they have also perceived other benefits, such as releasing financial statements in less time. Before Epicor ERP the accounting department took 10 days to have the financial statements ready, today they take 5 days.

In regards to the production floor efficiency, the companies have registered an improvement in OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) of 16.72% compared to the efficiency previous to Epicor ERP. Today, Simex is up to date in International legal compliance in an automatic way, has reduced no quality costs by 3%, improved the capture of production processes data (by every shift and hour) and gained information in regards to their costs of no quality and maintenance that they didn’t have before.

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